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to: Rodrigo Sigal / RedALSA - What is RedASLA?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : The Network for Latin-American Sonic Arts  Why was the RedASLA born?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : A group of composers wanted to be able to exchange experiences, music, information and be able to plan concerts, festivals, publications, etc... without always having to go through Europe or the USA. It is funny how nowadays more links between Latin-American composers working with technology are done in Europe than in Latin America. Who is behind REdASLA?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : 5 composers started the project and almost immediately many others jumped in. This is an open network and all composers, sonic artists or people interested in Latin-American sonic arts are welcome. However there is a board at the moment that coordinates the projects and keeps people communicated. Is there something common in Latin-American composers and sonic artists that make their art being different from others with other geographical background?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : I don't think so. I believe that the network started more to compensate for a lack of communication and to try to build direct links between countries in the region than for a common language or way of composing. What projects do the RedALSA have around the corner?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : Initially we formed a network of Festivals in Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile. Then we are about to redesign our web page at in order to make it a complete portal for Latin-American Sonic Arts, and finally we have the first RedASLA CD and a book on Electroacoustic Music about to be launched. Do you accept non-latinamerican composers and Artist at RedAsla?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : Yes, RedASLA is open for anyone interested in what is going on in the region, and wanting to get in touch with composers and performers in Latin America and Latin-American artist abroad. What is your advice for young Latin-American composers who want to pursue further studies in music technology in other countries (e.g. in North America or Europe)?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : Please GO! How do you see the computer music scenario in Latin America in the next ten years?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : With the new technologies being more and more accessible the problems of budget are reduced. I believe that more and more computer music is going to come out of the region. The challenge is to be able to develop new and interesting music languages and to find ways to incorporate technology to such languages. You are one of these Latin-American composers who studied a postgraduate degree abroad and returned to your country to revert your experience at the CMMAS. Do you think there is an infrastructure in Latin America to facilitate the transfer of such knowledge back to the countries of origin?
Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : It depends on particular countries. Talking about Latin America as a whole it results difficult because the size and multiple cultures embedded on each country. However places like Argentina, Brazil and even nowadays Mexico and Chile are working hard to establish such places. Is it true that you have started a new centre for computer Music called CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : Yes. Morelia in Mexico is a great city for arts and music. It has a University and a very good conservatoire. The Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts ( is a new project intended for seminars, courses and also residencies of composers wanting to create pieces and share their experience with our students. The CMMAS is a project sponsored by the State's Cultural Office together with the National Council for the Arts. We will also have a 16 channel concert space, 3 permanent positions for researchers and composers, a festival in September ( and we hope to be able to start exchange projects with interested institutions abroad. Is there any other thing you would like to add?

Rodrigo Sigal - RedAlsa : I hope people take some time to go through the links and possibilities that RedASLA offers. We would like to get in touch with similar entities, institutions, festivals and individual artists in other parts of the world in order to exchange ideas and eventually music. We aim to be a space where connections can be built and people can get some exposure. Local composers outside Latin America and that artists from outside the region can promote their work in Latin America. thanks for your enthusiasm!

Rodrigo Sigal: hasta pronto !!

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Rodrigo Sigal ( (Mexico City-1971) Has a PhD in Electroacoustic composition from City University in London and a BA in composition from the Musical Studies and Research Center (CIEM) in Mexico City, and was part of the composition workshop directed by Prof. Mario Lavista. He also studied with Denis Smalley, Javier Alvarez, Franco Donatoni, Judith Weird, Michael Jarrel y Juan Trigos among others.
Since 1991 he has been working as composer, sound and recording engineer in his private studio in Mexico and London, composing for dance, video, radio and T.V., and he was the coordinator of the Computer Music Lab at the CIEM from 1994 until 1998.
He has received awards from the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), The CIEM, The Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada, the ORS and The Sidney Perry Foundation in England and the LIEM Studios and The Ministry of Culture in Spain, the 1st. Prize (Cycles, 1999), honorary mentions (Tolerance, 2000 and Twilight, 2001) in the Luigi Russolo Composition Prize and finalist in Bourges 2002 (Twilight).
Some of his works are available on CD, and his CD "MANIFIESTO" (CIEM006), has received positive reviews and radio broadcast in Mexico and abroad. His music has been performed in more than 20 countries around the world.
Since 1998 takes active part in DAM (, a group of six composers that is working in different interdisciplinary project including Altenative Sessions with The Maarten Altena Ensemble presented in Mexico, France and The Netherlands.

He recently finished Blood Stream for the Spanish tubist Jesus Jara with concerts in Spain, Brazil and Argentina commissioned by the Cuenca Conservatoire. The project "Rimbarimba: Lejos del Silencio" for marimba and electroacoustic sounds finished recently was comision by Robert Esler (New Heaven, CT) and part of a Rockefeller-FONCA.grant. The piece has been performed in Mexico, USA, The Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil and England. He also completed Liquid Fear for the Maarten Altena Ensemble for 10 instruments, electronics and Video. Future activities include performances and seminars in multiple countries an the composition of Limite siete a piece for the Aksenti Dance Company, a flute and electronics piece (7/2003) and a piano and electronics concert for a Mexican orchestra (2004).