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Geography of EA music from Latin America 2
Untitled Document Geography of electro-acoustic music from Latin America 2


Assisted by Arts about Wandsworth / Wandsworth Arts Festival

Meeting Room / Putney Library, LONDON
Friday 25 October 2002 at 7 pm


1. Luciano Borrillo Argentina Grimorio de Fuego 9:25   2002

2. Monica O’Reilly Cuba Un besito a papito 2:58        2001

3. Jorge Campos Ecuador Serpencicleta * 5:47         2002

4. Ricardo Dal Farra Argentina Memorias 5:30           1992

5. Diego Luzuriaga Ecuador Pythagoras 6:05            1987

INTERVAL (20 minutes)

6. Arturo Rodas Ecuador Pieces 1* and 3* 4:35 2002

from ‘Bestiario’

Acoustic Intermezzo with Taro Takeuchi on the lute

7. Old Irish Tune Castles in the Sky 2:00 c.1600

8. Arturo Rodas Laúdico * 3:15     2002

9. Old Scotish Tune Anne Stottis Dance 2:00 c.1600

10. Rodrigo Sigal Mexico Frictions of things in other places 8:00 2002

11. Gabriel Maldonado Drums & voices 5:12 2001

* World Premiere


Grimorio de Fuego by Luciano Borrillo Images of dragon and fire appear in medieval alchemy books (‘grimorios’). These books tell about the search of an interior knowledge that has transforming powers. The piece follows the transformation patterns depicted in the texts.

Un besito a papito by Mónica O’Reilly This piece is part of “De lo que dejaron las Congas” witten in collaboration with the composer Irina Escalante Chernova. It was premiered in Cuba.

Serpencicleta by Jorge Campos* . “I reject the combinatory and sequential discourse in favour of a “process” which generates and controls my entire work. I give preference to sound material that is naïve, rustic, anodyne, ‘impure’, unpleasant, hybrid and rasping over archetypical electro-acoustic material in which even beauty is taken for granted.”

Memories by Ricardo Dal Farra

The piece was written thanks to an invitation from Stanford University and a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Pythagoras by Diego Luzuriaga “I used in this piece samples of sounds made with my own mouth. When these sounds are played using different keys of a digital keyboard, their pitch and rhythm are multiplied in accordance to Pythagorean ratios.”

Irish Tune & Scotish Tune by Anonymous composers The lute enjoyed its popularity from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century. The lute was used by folk musicians as well as Court musicians and aristocrats. These short pieces are from 16th century.

Laúdico by Arturo Rodas “I used the rhythmic pattern of the “danzante”, a slow dance-tune from my country”.

Bestiario by Arturo Rodas “The Book of the Orchestra” consists of two parts:

· ‘Fauna’ : acoustic solos for most of the instruments of the orchestra.

· ‘Bestiary’ : computer pieces exploring the ‘personality’ of those instruments.

The pieces played tonight are from the Bestiary.

Friction of things in other places by Rodrigo Sigal

When things occur simultaneously there will always be different levels of friction. This work explores different levels to structure sound ideas through differences in material and sound sources.

Drums ‘n voices by Gabriel Maldonado The human voices and the micro-level compositional structures of this composition are completely generated by the computer, using CsoundAV, according to macro directives provided by the composer.


Luciano Andrés Borrillo Born in Buenos Aires in 1968. Studied composition at the Argentina Catholic University and the CEAMC (centre for advanced studies of contemporary music). Currently working as a composer and performer for the ensemble “Fronteras del Silencio”.

Mónica O’Reilly Havana (1975) Has composed for several instrument combinations and electronics, for TV and theatre. Her music has been played in South America as well as Europe. Also works as a teacher and choir director.

Jorge Campos Graduated at the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in Moscow where he worked at the Theremin Centre. Currently lives in Paris. Active member of the Centre Pierre Schaeffer. Lecturer at the University of Marne la Vallee.

Ricardo Dal Farra
Coordinator of the “Multimedia Communication” national program at the Argentinian Ministry of Education. Has received awards and fellowships from the International Computer Music Association, Rockefeller Foundation, Stanford and Padua Universities
Diego Luzuriaga Born in Loja, Ecuador, into a family of twelve children. In 1993 he received a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation. His ‘Once Canciones’ have received world-wide acclaim. Now lives in Philadelphia with his wife and 3 children.

Arturo Rodas & Born in Quito. Graduated at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris. Attended courses at the ‘Conservatoire National Superieur’ and the IRCAM. Worked as a lecturer and as an editor. Lived in Panama and Italy. Now back in London.

Taro Takeuchi, Studied the lute and early guitar with Nigel North at the Guildhall School of Music, London. He performs as a soloist all over the world. As an ensemble player he has worked with Simon Rattle, Nigel Keneddy, the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra, Glyndebourne Opera, etc... His latest CD is on Deux-Elles and is for solo Baroque Guitar [more about his CD at].

Rodrigo Sigal Since 1991 he has been working as a composer, sound engineer in his private studio in Mexico and London. He writes for dance, video, radio and TV. In 2002 he completed a PhD in Music at the City University, London. He studied with Dennis Smalley & Javier Alvarez. Mr Sigal has won the Luigi Russolo Composition Prize.

Gabriel Maldonado Italo-Ecuadorian. Studied guitar,composition and electronic music with G.Guaccero, A.Scarlato, W. Branchi, R.Bianchini. Attended seminars with K.Stockhausen and B.Truax. He invented and developed computer softwares for sound synthesis as well as high level control of composition material in real time. He is the author of CsoundAV and VMCI softwares. He is a teacher and a world authority on Csound.

Press Release

Geography of Electronic Music from Latin America

Assisted By Arts about Wandsworth

Putney Library / Meeting Room
Disraeli Road/London SW15 2DR

Friday 25 October 2002 7 pm

Electro-acoustic works by Luciano Borrillo, Ricardo Dal Farra, Jorge Campos (world Premiere) Monica O’Reilly, Diego Luzuriaga, Rodrigo Sigal, Arturo Rodas (world premiere) and Gabriel Maldonado

Also included 3 lute pieces performed by Taro Takeuchi: 2 Renaissance pieces and a new one by Arturo Rodas.

Tickets: £5 / £3.50

Tel: 02088718711

Information: 07932 429622

Facilities for disabled people

Rail Station: Putney

Tube: East Putney

Buses: 14, 22, 37, 39, 74, 337, 85



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