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Transmission sans Frontieres, Victoria College, Toronto
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Since I have had some inquiries, here's a quick reminder that "Transmission sans Frontieres" happens next weekend at Victoria College in Toronto, and yes, there are still spots open, but you'll have to hurry.
Because we have to confirm our meals we would need your payment very soon. If you work in radio, and are interested in learning how some of the finest North American producers are pushing the boundaries of documentary, art, and other radio forms, this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss. I can say with confidence that it has been at least a decade - since Radio Rethink, in Banff, - since a radio event like this has happened in Canada.
If you are passionate about radio, and if you believe that there is more to radio than just chatter and playing records, you really should make a point of attending Transmissions sans Frontieres. Take the time now to look over the workshop schedule, and tell me it isn't exciting. If you're coming from the US you might want to know a few things. Although your dollar has been dropping, the exchange rate still favours you very nicely.
If you're travelling from New York or Chicago, Amtrack has some really nice deals to Toronto. If you don't mind staying in a residence room, Victoria College can house you for $47 a night ($34 US! Includes breakfast!). You can add extra days if you want to stay over. And the WHO has declared us once again SARS free! Sign up today at /long version
Saturday May 24th 9:00 start Welcome 9:15 The Idea of North/The Idea of Canada Steve Wadhams, CBC Documentary producer; and Christos Hatzis, composer In 1967, Glenn Gould composed his landmark composition "The Idea of North".
"What we've tried to do", said Gould in his essay "Radio as Music", "is to create what I have grown rather fond of calling 'contrapuntal radio' and tried, rather arbitrarily, to attach it to another medium, where it has not belonged in the past". In 1992, ten years after Gould’s death, Steve Wadhams, Christos Hatzis and Laurence Stevenson were asked to revisit the "Idea of North". The resulting composition was "The Idea of Canada."
Find out what happened when music met documentary on the radio. 10:30 Coffee break 10:45 am Quick Stop Art Spot Chandra Bulucon Created in 1998, Quick Stop Art Spot's producer and host Chandra Bulucon gives a history of this 1/2 hour radio show that started from talk radio and went to performance radio art. The name delineates fast & spontaneous coverage of local heroes that make art for radio play.
Here you'll find the sound art of the century: techno groundhogs, subway yoga, 20 minutes of feedback, an interaction with an artist taking blood pressure of mall patrons with a bicycle pump, and find treats like irregular contests to win a roll of toilet paper or a subscription to a magazine. Find out how this show has lasted on quirky critiques and special tidbits of art nonsense and has been quoted as "the original art noise program."
Excerpts of work from the series Ossicles: little bones and amplification and performance as intervention where endurance and structured improv was a focus. 12:00 - 1 pm lunch 1:15 short address 1:30 pm
The Ear is a Question Mark Jim Metzner Since the 1970's, Jim Metzner has pursued a quest, microphone in hand, searching for sounds which enlighten, inform and celebrate life, sounds which carry a special quality that no other medium can convey. He has produced records and multimedia productions (including features for National Geographic Online), but most of his work has been shared through radio. With examples from short format series such as "You're Hearing America, The Sounds of Science" and "Pulse of the Planet" and longer format series produced for National Public Radio and Public Radio International, Jim will demonstrate how he continues to explore the soundscape through the medium of radio. 3:00 Coffee Break 3:30 Pushing Boundaries in Radio Julie Shapiro,Third Coast International Audio Festival;
Barb Woolner, former Program Director at Trent Radio; Anna Friz, sound artist and curator In the tightly controlled world of of radio, it is a challenge to break beyond traditional formats and present works with provide a different kind of listening experience. Three radio producers will talk about how they’re creating space for adventurous radio. 5:00 closing Sunday May 25th 9:00 welcome 9:15 am The Medium is the Media Anna Friz This session considers radio as both the subject of and the medium for artistic interventions and collaborations. Anna Friz presents two examples of self-reflexive radio play: Radiotopia (Ars Electronica 2002), a temporary audio-based international telecommunications art project; and The Clandestine Transmissions of Pirate Jenny, an independent radio art project constructed from detuned radio signals. 10:30 Coffee Break 10:45 am Unlocking the Transmitter Victoria Fenner, sound artist;
Garvia Bailey, CBC "Outfront" How can we expand the range of programming on radio if only a small number of people have access to the airwaves? This session will focus on strategies to create radio spaces which encourage creative expression and makes room for authentic voices of all sizes, shapes and colours. noon - 1 pm Lunch 1:15 short address 1:30 Deep Wireless This spring, the CBC Radio 1 program "Outfront," New Adventures in Sound Art and Charles Street Video, collaborated on a unique residency. Four artists were chosen to produce radiophonic artworks for broadcast on Outfront, and in performance as part of the Deep Wireless Festival. During this session, the participating artists will play excerpts from their artworks and talk about what they discovered about creating works that will work on the radio and in live performance. Commissioned artists are Kathy Kennedy, Dan Hart, Mark Brownell, and Reena Katz. 3:00 coffee break 3:30 Chantal Dumas - Sound and radio artist Chantal Dumas explores new forms of narration through sound. As an independent artist, she has created and produced more than 25 pieces since 1993. Her stories are performed in festivals and broadcast by national radio in Canada, Europe and Australia. Her live projects incorporate dance, sound installation and theater. Her radio works are published on Ohm/Avatar, Nonsequitur and 326music. 5:00 closing Your registration also includes two performances at the Rivoli, on Toronto's perennially cool Queen Street.
RADIO-A-MOCK 1 & 2 May 23 & 24, 2003, 8 & 10:30 PM The Rivoli, 334 Queen Street West Tickets:$15 each night Advance tickets call 416-910-7231 or Each evening is a different double bill of live and recorded experimental sound and radio art performances that create the world of radio on stage.  Radio-a-mock is a “performed” radio show with radio hosts Kristiana Clemens on May 23rd and Chandra Bulucon on May 24th that includes experimental sound works by Gregory Whitehead and Jim Metzner, four world premières by playwright Mark Brownell, radio documentarian Dan Hart, sound artist Kathy Kennedy, and violinist/audio artist Reena Katz (commissioned for Deep Wireless by CBC Radio’s "Out Front" with residencies at Charles Street Video), live interviews with the artists and composers, alongside Radio Art versions of the news by Gregg Williard, the weather by Dan Lander, mystery drama by John Oswald, "Hockey Night in Opera" by Egils Bebris, and "War Time Comes and Goes" by Steve Wadhams.
The second part of the double bill includes late night performances by sound artists Susanna Hood and Zev Asher on May 23rd, and by composer Matt Rogalsky and DJ-Artist Jeremy Mimnagh on May 24th. Radio-a-Mock is a mock radio show about a world gone amok. A Happy Hour between the early and late night performances is sponsored by the Canadian Music Centre and will include a free drink to all in attendance as well as CD give-a-ways. New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included in its Toronto productions are: Deep Wireless, Sound Travels, Sign Waves and SOUNDplay. For more info about Deep Wireless go to or e-mail "Transmissions sans Frontières" May 24-25, 2003 10-5 PM Victoria College Building 91 Charles St. West, Toronto Registration $65/$130 "Transmissions sans Frontières" is a two-day conference that will explore the boundaries of radio.  It is about transcending boundaries -- boundaries between art forms, boundaries between public and community broadcasting. It will encourage us to think of the airspace we all share, and how we can make the airwaves resonate with new voices and new ways of presenting ideas. Transmissions sans Frontières is sponsored by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Presenters include: Steve Wadhams, Christos Hatzis, Garvia Bailey, Victoria Fenner, Anna Friz, Julie Shapiro, Chandra Bulucon, Dan Hart, Reena Katz, Mark Brownell, Kathy Kennedy, Jim Metzner and Barb Woolner. For registration info go to TSF is presented by New Adventures in Sound Art, with sponsorship by the Canadian Society for Independent radio production, and with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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