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ACOUSMATIC Music Competition Composition: METAMORPHOSES
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c/o Musiques&Recherches
Place de Ransbeck 3 - B 1380 Ohain, Belgique

Fax : 322 3510094 Email :

The biennial acousmatic composition competition «Metamorphoses» is organised by Musiques & Recherches with the aid of the Wallonie/Bruxelles Communauty.
The «Metamorphoses» composition competition will be held in two categories, and in two stages.
A. The members of the Screening Board will receive an anonymous copy of all the works submitted before the deadline to the competition secretariat, and will listen to them in their entirety.
This jury will meet in June at the «Metamorphoses d’Orphee» studio in Ohain (Belgium), to listen again to the best stereo pieces, as well as all the multi-track pieces in their original format, on eight speakers. The pieces chosen for the final will be recorded on CD.
This Board will also pick the winner in category A, whose piece will be recorded onto the same CD.
This Board will then choose, among the finalists, a stereo piece which will serve as a compulsory piece in the context of the competition for spatial performance of computer music works which will take place in October 2006 during the «Espace du Son» festival in Bruxelles.
Members of the preselection jury : Francis Dhomont, Hans Tutschku, Annette Vande Gorne.
B. During the finale of the «Metamorphoses» composition competition, which will be held on October 19th 2006, the composers who have reached the finale can give a spatial performance of their work in public.. In this case two days of lodging will be paid . On this occasion, a jury different from the Screening Board will decide the ranking and announce the award of the prizes.

Acousmatic music :
Work on a medium composed in a studio, played via loudspeakers in concert, without the live intervention of instrumentalist.

1. This competition is open to any acousmatic music work according to the definition given above. It’s an international competition.
2. The finalists of « Metamorphoses 2004 » may not register at the 2006 competition.
3. Only one work by composer lasting between 8 and approximately 15 minutes may be submitted. Works must be in one of the following categories:
Category A : concerns only acousmatic music by students of composition or composers under 28 years of age.
Category B : concerns all acousmatic music works (even those meeting the conditions for category A, if the competitor prefers to enter them in category B). Category B is open to composers up to 50 years of age.
Works may be submitted in two formats: stereo or multi-track (from 3 to 8 tracks).
4. Technical standards :
Stereo works are to be:
- on DAT 44.1 KHz with indexation of the start of the work and absolute timing; it is recommended to place a 0 VU test signal before the start of the work.
- on CD-R.
Multi-track works will be
- on ADAT, on which the sampling frequency and start of the work are clearly indicated. It is recommended to place a 1 kHz at -12dB test signal before the start of the work. A plan of the layout of the speakers and the allocation of the tracks is to be enclosed. The multi-track ADAT is to be accompanied by a stereo master of the work, which will be used for the screening and, where appropriate, recording onto CD.
- on CD-R, each track must be seperate and clearly indexed. Sd2, Aiff, wav format. A plan of the layout of the speakers and the allocation of the tracks is to be enclosed. This CD-R is to be accompanied by another, stereo master of the work, which will be used for the screening and, where appropriate, recording onto CD.
5. The work submitted may have been performed in concert. However, it must not have been released in recorded form and not have been awarded a prize before 17 April 2006.
6. There is no entry fee. The works will not be returned, except those in ADAT format, on request and on a cost recovery basis.
7. The works are to be sent by registered postal package before 17 April 2006. The postmark will serve as evidence of date of posting. Musiques & Recherches will not pay for any postage fees or custom duties.
8. Each work will be accompanied by a fully completed entry form, a commentary, a biography and a photo (free of copyright) of the composer. This dossier will not be passed on to the Screening Board. The medium must not bear any identifying marks. The copies of the works are to be anonymous (identified by their category and a sequential number).
9. The works will be sent to the members of the Screening Board, who will listen to them in their entirety. The Board will meet to select, on the one hand the two winners in category A, and on the other hand, the finalists in category B. The multi-track pieces will be listened to in a studio by the Screening Board on a multi-channel system. The winners of category A and the six finalists of category B will be known on 17 July 2006. The decisions of the Screening Board are final.
10. The first prize in category A and the finalists short-listed in category B will be recorded on CD.
Among the works in the final, the jury will select one stereo work as a compulsory piece in the spatial performance competition.
11. The six finalists works will be interpreted as part of the 11th International Acousmatic Music Festival «L’ESPACE DU SON» which will be held in Brussels from 19 to 22 October 2006. The works of the finalists will be heard twice: one hearing of the stereo/multitrack version, not a spatial performance, reserved for the members of the jury, followed by a public spatial performance by the competitors in a concert.
12. The final selection concert will take place on 19 October 2006. The prizes will be awarded at the end of the concert.
13. The winners undertake to mention in programmes featuring the prize-winning work that it is a winner of the «Metamorphoses Prize».

For category A
1st Prize : Release of the piece on CD. 10 free CDs
For category B
1st Prize : 2.500 Euros
Audience Prize: 750 Euros; after votes have been counted by one member of the audience and one member of competition secretariat.
M&R prize, residence at the composing studio «Métamorphoses d’Orphee», for the candidate chosen by M&R.
Works of the finalists on CD.
5 free CD for each finalist.
The stereo work chosen by the Screening Board will be played as a compulsory piece in the spatial performance competition, which will be held as part of the «Espace du Son» festival.



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