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Volume III: Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, Ireland
Untitled Document

Volume III - Ricardo Climent, Barbara Ellison, Cliona Harmey, Russell Haswell, Florian Hecker, Alex McMahon, Semiconductor
Preview: Friday September 8th, 2006, 6-11pm.
Exhibition continues until 7th October 2006

Volume III is the third in a series of annual exhibtions that broadly reflect developments in contemporary sound and audiovisual practices. Volume III, opening at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios on 9th September, brings together the work of artists who often work collaboratively to generate sound works from research and experimentation. Featuring installation, performance, film and off-site intervention, the exhibition emphasises the diverse practices of artists who utlilize and create new systems of generating sound and audio visual works.

For Volume III, Spanish multidisciplinary artist and composer Ricardo Climent exhibits his Microbial Fuel Cell (MCF) sonic installation, entitled Oxidising the Spectrum. Climent’s installation explores the possibilities of microbial electrochemistry in the compositional environment. Ricardo Climent will perform Oxidising the Spectrum live on 9th September, 5pm at Temple Bar Gallery.

Composer and artist Barbara Ellison presents the Irish premiere of her composition Persona, written for voice and electronics, with vocals by Stephanie Pan on the 15th September, 7.30pm at Temple Bar Gallery. Specially composed for Stephanie Pan, Persona evolved from a lengthy collaborative process of collating material in order to develop a series of actions, sound gestures and strategies to draw upon.

Artist Cliona Harmey’s sound installation Channel integrates underwater recordings of the approach and retreat of ships along the South Wall pier in Dublin port with sound input from the gallery. Accompanying the recordings is a visual representation of an oscillating waveform generated using scientific lab analysis software.

Multidisciplinary artists Russell Haswell & Florian Hecker perform live UPIC Diffusion Session #3, a live 8-speaker electro-acoustic diffusion of material generated from their research with the unique UPIC system at the Centre for Composition of Music Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris. Russell Haswell & Florian Hecker’s performance of UPIC Diffusion Session #3 is the 27th September, 8pm at Project Arts Centre, 39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Ticket info/ booking: +353 (0)1 881 9613/14 Tickets 10euro

Sound designer, developer, composer and instrumentalist Alex McMahon installs the Supermono system (a wavefield radiator for live music performance) in the gallery for Stasis, his spectral composition for string quartet and electronics. Alex McMahon will perform Stasis (synthesis and string quartet) with live sources provided by Bobby McMahon (guitar) and Alex McMahon (Eb Clarinet) on the opening night of Volume III on 8th September, 6.30pm at Temple Bar Gallery.

Semiconductor, comprising UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt, exhibit their finely-crafted sound film 200_Nanowebbers. For the film the artists have created an animated molecular web generated by laptop duo Double Adaptor’s electronic soundtrack. Layers of energetic hand-drawn animations play over simple vectors. As a landscape flickers into existence, substructures resembling crystalline substances emerge.
Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt (Semiconductor) will give a talk about their work on 28th September, 6pm Temple Bar Gallery. Double Adaptor is a two person improvising electronic band comprising Keith O’ Brien and Roy Carroll. Double Adaptor will perform on the opening night of Volume III on 8th September, 7pm at Temple Bar Gallery.

The preview night on Friday 8th September also features a performance by Dublin avant-rock band Hair France and afterwards artist Fergus Feehily plays on decks. Volume III is curated by Anne Kelly.

For further information or images for press please contact or tel. 671 0073.

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios is one of Ireland's leading contemporary art venues. Centrally located in Temple Bar, Dublin's designated Cultural Quarter, TBG&S is a publicly funded, non profit making organisation which hosts a high profile programme of Irish and international art. Based in a purpose built facility, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios also provides 30 studios for local and international artists. The use of these studios reflects the broad-ranging developments in contemporary practice as artists working with photography, video, sound, sculpture, print and painting all currently occupy spaces at TBG&S.

TBG&S was established by artists in 1983 in response to the increasing demands for affordable studio spaces in Dublin city centre, a move which proved to be crucial in consolidating Temple Bar's status as Dublin's cultural quarter. In the mid-nineties a new gallery and studio complex was custom designed for the company by leading Irish architects McCullough / Mulvin and today the building that houses TBG&S integrates a gallery with on-street access, an impressive atrium space and artists' studios.



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